Gas Estimation Tool

This is a simple, Excel-based landfill gas estimation tool. The tool doesn’t actually carry out any modelling itself, but rather uses limited data inputs to look up landfill gas generation estimates modelled elsewhere.


The tool provides simple numerical and graphical results of the site’s estimated landfill gas generation and potential climate change impact.

The ACUMEN Gas Estimation Tool is available as a downloadable file at the bottom of this page.

How does it work

The GET tool requires four pieces of data to work successfully. They are as follows:

  • The current year (2015, for example)
  • The year your landfill began accepting waste*
  • The year your site ceased accepting waste**
  • How much waste your site accepted***

* Many closed UK landfills have long waste management histories. For the purposes of the GET tool, it is suggested that users enter the year when the site in question first had a modern (post-1974) waste management licence or equivalent.

** In order to generate the most representative gas generation curve, it is suggested that users enter the year when large scale waste deposits ended, rather than the year of final deposit or formal closure.

*** This value can be calculated, estimated or completed from your records. The value should be entered in kilotonnes.