Portfolio Screening Tool

The ACUMEN Portfolio Screening Tool (PST) has been developed to enable owners of multiple closed landfills to quickly screen and prioritise their sites based on their potential to support a power generation scheme.


The PST is an Excel spreadsheet based tool built using Microsoft Excel 2007. The section below provides an overview of the parameters used by the PST.


When developing the PST we recognised that many people will not have access to all of the data about their closed landfill sites - Therefore, the PST only requires a very limited amount of data about a site. If you already have access to data about the gas quality and flow at your site then this will give you a far better indication of the potential for the site to support a power generation scheme than the ACUMEN PST.

The ACUMEN PST is available as a downloadable file at the bottom of this page.

What's the ACUMEN PST intended for?

The tool is intended to help closed landfill site owners carry out an initial review of their sites to identify those that might warrant further investigation of the landfill gas as a potential source of power generation. 

How does the tool work?

The tool asks you to provide a value for a set of simple parameters and then sums these values to provide an overall score. The higher the score, the greater the potential for power generation at your closed landfill site.

To help people make initial estimates on the scores for each parameter, the ACUMEN Team have made suggestions about what scores to use for the parameters. These are presented in this chapter as well as being included in the PST spreadsheet.

What should the tool be used for?

The tool is intended to provide a quick and simple first step for anyone wishing to assess the portfolio of closed landfills that they either own or manage and help them identify those that offer the greatest potential for a power generation scheme. 

What should the tool not be used for?

The tool should not be the sole basis for decision making and is no substitute for practical experience of the site.