Landfill Aftercare Forum

A landfill aftercare forum has been established to provide stronger links between research and practice in the field of landfill management.  An initial objective for the forum is to help direct Southampton's efforts to build a decision support system for landfill aftercare.

The forum Chair is Keith Knox.

Forum Meeting March 2019

LANDSS Forum meeting 20 March 2019. Featuring landfill mining, Our Waste, Our Resources Strategy for England, and temporal variations in methane emissions from landfills

Forum meeting June 2016

LANDSS Forum meeting 9 June 2016. Featuring the Dutch accelerated landfill stabilsation project, Danish Final Storage Quality criteria, LCA of landfills, challenges of long term storge of landfill data, and regulation of LFG emissions

Forum meeting October 2015

Forum Meeting 21st October 2015. Featuring ACUMEN (Assessing, Capturing and Utilising Methane from Expired and Non-operational landfill)

Forum meeting November 2014

Forum Meeting 19 November 2014. Financing accelerated landfill aftercare, clogging of leachate collection systems, and landfill gas emission monitoring